Monday, April 02, 2012

"God made man in his own image, then recreated Himself in our image so that we could see the image of God."

Hoss Ridgeway shared the quote below and cited the author whose name I cannot remember but I love the statement.

"God made man in his own image, then recreated Himself in our image so that we could see the image of God."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jeff's Music

Neil Young

Needle and the Damage Done

Old Man


Hey Hey My My

Sugar Mountain

Needle and the Damage Done

Eric Clapton

- Can’t Find My Way Back Home

- Cocaine

- Layla

- Change the World

- I Shot the Sheriff

- While My Guitar Gentle Weeps

- If I Could Change the World


- Crossroads

- White Room

- Sunshine of Your Love

- Interview with Clapton

Led Zepplin -

- Rock and Roll and Black Dog

- Stairway to Heaven

- Kashmir

- Heartbreaker

- Going to California

- Over the Hills and Far Away

- Misty Mountain Hop

- The Song Remains the Same

- The Rover

- The Ocean

- Heartbreaker

- In the Evening

Stevie Ray Vaughan

- Voodoo Child

- Crossfire

- Tightrope

- Pride and Joy

- Cold Shot

- Texas Flood

Carlos Santa –

- Black Magic Women

- Oye Como Va

- Evil Ways

- Smooth


Lynyrd Skynyrd

- Needle and the Spoon


38 Special

- Hold on Loosely

- What if I’d Been the One

Allman Brothers

- Melisa

- Jessica

- Ramblin Man

- In Memory of Elizabeth

- Whippin Post

- One Way Out

Jackson Brown

- Running on Empty

- The Load Out

- Pretender

- Doctor My Eyes

James Taylor -

- You’ve Got a Friend

- Fire and Rain

- You’ve Got a Friend

- Sweet Baby James

- Carolina In My Mind

- Copperline

Peter Framptom –

- Do you Feel Like I Do

- Show Me The Way

- Baby I love Your Way -

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

SERMONS 100's of mp3s Audio Links: Sermons & Bible Classes Very Much a Work In Progress! --------------------- Updated 2 April 2010 notus rememberus: Dear PageMeister, Remember to DELETE all the files that were RENAMED before uploading the new files. (See the 071204 index.) Click here for the presentations from the Where Are We Now? 2005 Conference Click here for the Ray Vander Laan "Follow the Rabbi" lectures Click here for the Ray Vander Laan "Idaho" lectures HOW TO FIND A SERMON: Just tell your browser to find a particular set of characters. On most browsers you would press Ctrl-F to do this, that is, hold down the "Ctrl" key, and while you are holding it down, press and release the "F" key. You can then type in whatever you want your browser to find on this page. If you are looking for a sermon by Reuel Lemmons for example, after pressing CTRL-F you could type in the characters "lemmons" (case doesn't matter) and your browser would take you to the first time it finds those letters on this page, and you would see his "GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN!" sermon. MP3 Audio File Links For Downloading (right-click/SaveAs) or Listening (left-click) Duration Min:Sec Speaker Stars A Christ-like Heart The Compassion of Christ 22:25 Foree Grove *** A Matter of Life or Death 30:58 Dane Boyles A Place Where the Hungry Are Fed 24:54 Bob Russell *** A Teaching Moment 22:00 Foree Grove Alive To God 49:54 Jerry Taylor Answering People's Objections to the Bible 41:47 Noel Whitlock Answering The Call 40:10 Brian Mashburn Appreciating Our Heritage -- Why Does It Matter? 27:56 Bob Russell Are You A Dead Man Walking? 26:46 Bob Russell Baptism of The Holy Spirit -- What Is It? 45:42 Noel Whitlock Be a Rebel with a Fire 51:56 Don McLaughlin Be Careful 35:05 Foree Grove Be Jesus (2010 Set of 5) 50:00 Trey Morgan Because I Believe 45:14 Jeff Walling Because of Who HE Is 26:10 Bob Russell Becoming a Woman of Hope 48:03 Debbie Kendall Beyond The Storm 43:11 Jerry Jones Blessed Are the Peacemakers 38:24 Marvin Phillips Blessings 21:02 Foree Grove Boat Potatoes 30:48 Rick Atchley *** Bold Testimony (How The Church Was Built Series) 26:37 Bob Russell Breaking Down Old Barriers John4v1-42 35:02 Noel Whitlock Bridge My Relationships 47:28 Don McLaughlin Called to Lead 47:03 Jeff Walling Can I Get A Witness? 40:54 Jeff Walling *** Capture The Wonder of His Heart 44:53 Jeff Walling Catch His Vision 43:04 Buddy Bell Characteristics of Churches Doing EFFECTIVE Evangelism 46:51 Joe Beam Chariots of Fire 52:07 Jeff Walling **** Choose Your Weapons (Amarillo) 38:46 Rick Atchley Christ for the World 41:01 Rick Atchley Church Leadership Frustrations (Running the Church) 46:26 Mark Henderson The Church Must Leave the Building! 27:48 Randy Harris College Message Christ in Action (Lubbock 2007) 29:26 Brad Morrow Come Thirsty! 68:34 Max Lucado * Come to Jesus 21:00 Foree Grove Communion Confusion 42:00 Noel Whitlock Communion Fermented Wine or Grapejuice 35:28 Noel Whitlock Communion One Cup or Many 37:32 Noel Whitlock Community Of Inclusion 55:13 Don McLaughlin Congregational Missions 28:11 Dane Boyles Continuing Jesus' Prayer for Unity 41:13 Marvin Phillips Courageous Leadership for the 21st Century 41:43 Marvin Phillips Covetous Heart 33:32 Brad Morrow Craving for Inclusion 27:36 Randy Harris Crisis in America 57:13 Jimmy Allen * Dare to Dance with God 45:05 Jeff Walling **** Dealing With Healing 01 Hope For Cracked Pots 57:54 Rick Atchley Dealing With Healing 02 The Doctor Will See You Now 39:44 Rick Atchley Dealing With Healing 03 Is All Well 45:27 Rick Atchley Dealing With Healing 04 Good And Sick 43:44 Rick Atchley Dealing With Healing 05 Well Worth Asking 41:41 Rick Atchley Death On A Cross 38:45 Noel Whitlock Delegating Responsibility Moses, Making of a Leader Series 27:38 Bob Russell Delightfully Disturbed 43:08 Terry Rush Deuteronomy 34:16 Foree Grove Dichotomy 32:21 Foree Grove Discernment -- Is HE Calling Me 40:55 Randy Harris Discover the Holy Spirit 32:44 Joe Beam Divine Appointment 29:18 Tim Curtis * Divorce 27:53 Bob Russell Divorce-Proof Your Marriage 41:52 Jerry Jones Do Or Die 43:54 Marvin Phillips Do You Want To Get Well? 39:21 Noel Whitlock Does It Matter What We Believe? 39:01 Noel Whitlock Does The Order of Baptism Matter? 28:35 Noel Whitlock Don’t Leave The Passion Behind 1 Why Did God Write The Script? 38:20 Rick Atchley * Don’t Leave The Passion Behind 2 Why Did Christ Accept The Role? 53:19 Rick Atchley * Don’t Leave The Passion Behind 3 Why Do Critics Hate The Story? 53:14 Rick Atchley * Don’t Leave The Passion Behind 4 Why Are Audiences So Moved? 45:59 Rick Atchley * Don't just DO something -- STAND there! 45:57 Marvin Phillips ** Don't Leave the Passion Behind 0! 43:42 Rick Atchley Don't Underestimate God (part 1) 38:29 Noel Whitlock Don't Underestimate God (part 2) 33:28 Noel Whitlock Dream a New Dream Part 1 of 3 42:50 Marvin Phillips Dream a New Dream Part 2 of 3 44:59 Marvin Phillips Dream a New Dream Part 3 of 3 41:18 Marvin Phillips Dry Bones 25:50 Foree Grove Dumber And Dumber Num22v1-39 38:51 Noel Whitlock Dying In Worship 35:53 Foree Grove Dying to Self 31:15 Foree Grove Easter Seals 42:36 Rick Atchley Edification 30:45 Foree Grove Eight-Track Parents In A CD World (1 of 3) 40:16 Mike Cope * Eight-Track Parents In A CD World (2 of 3) 42:37 Mike Cope * Eight-Track Parents In A CD World (3 of 3) 40:57 Mike Cope * Eldership 39:00 Foree Grove Elijah Boot Camp at Cherith 49:29 Chuck Swindoll **** Embers of Revival 24:41 Tim Curtis Emmanuel 24:58 Foree Grove Encountering God Through the Word 33:32 Tim Curtis Encourage Admonish One Another (1983) 78:13 Jeff Walling Encouragement 39:23 Marvin Phillips * Enjoying God's Guidance 37:35 Dane Boyles Entertaining Angels 01 -- Lord of Hosts 43:08 Rick Atchley Entertaining Angels 02 -- In the First Place 40:57 Rick Atchley Evangelism -- Reality Is Not What It Used To Be 44:47 Monte Cox Evangelism As It Affects Unity 38:16 Marvin Phillips Examining Our Heritage 28:22 Bob Russell Exposing Myths Christians Should Be Seen And Not Heard 24:59 Bob Russell Faith -- Seeing the Invisible 24:51 Foree Grove Faith or Fear 42:53 Patrick Mead * Family Faith and its Fruits 41:20 Ted Kell Family Values Part 1 of 3 49:56 Rick Atchley * Family Values Part 2 of 3 43:00 Rick Atchley * Family Values Part 3 of 3 49:25 Rick Atchley * FastForward 41:42 Rick Atchley Fasting in the 21st Century 37:06 Noel Whitlock Father, Forgive Them 30:34 Noel Whitlock FearNoEvil 01 FearFactor 39:26 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 02 GotFear 40:30 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 03 BeOfGoodFear 47:05 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 04 FearNoMan 40:11 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 05 GraveCourage 45:15 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 06 JudgmentCall 41:00 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 07 GettingPastTheFuture 39:32 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 08 FailSafe 40:54 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 09 WithfulThinking 50:18 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 10 A Fearless Christmas 44:17 Rick Atchley FearNoEvil 11 A BraveNewYear 42:54 Rick Atchley Feeling Good About Yourself 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 85:44 Landon Saunders Feeling Good About Yourself 7, 8, and 9 39:51 Landon Saunders Feeling Good About Yourself 10, 11, and 12 42:06 Landon Saunders Fight the Good Fight 06 -- Hold your Position 40:01 Rick Atchley * Fight the Good Fight 08 -- Access Denied 42:59 Rick Atchley * Fight the Good Fight 12 -- Choose Your Weapons 49:33 Rick Atchley * Fight the Good Fight 14 -- Give the Devil his Pew 30:39 Rick Atchley **** Fighting Hypocrisy in the Church 43:00 Francis Chan * Five Habits of a Humble Heart 36:44 Noel Whitlock For As Often As You Eat 39:16 Noel Whitlock For the Sake of the Name 37:37 Rick Atchley * Forgiven -- The Full Force of God's Love 46:37 Joe Beam Forgiveness Part 1 of 3 41:55 Joe Beam * Forgiveness Part 2 of 3 41:31 Joe Beam * Forgiveness Part 3 of 3 42:54 Joe Beam * Forming A Good Game Plan Jer1v4-10 30:22 Noel Whitlock Four Duties of Dads 26:22 Noel Whitlock Four Powerful Prayers (2010 Set of 5) 29:00 Trey Morgan Friends 20:44 Dane Boyles From Guilt To Grace Gal18v2 31:15 Dave Stone From the Beginning To The End 48:32 Rex Boyles ** Get A Grip 35:39 Rick Atchley Get Off The Scales 46:19 Rick Atchley Get On Board with Discipleship! 35:28 Rick Atchley ** Give Me This Mountain! 34:48 Reuel Lemmons GO Even When You Are Scared 44:51 Cheryl Frost * God Faces the Church Kneel Before The Father Eph3-14 51:28 Jeff Walling God Is Able 39:52 Buddy Bell God Is Able FOREVER 57:33 Monte Cox God Is Among You 29:33 Foree Grove Godly Father 27:38 Bob Russell God's Ability in a Lost World 39:42 Marvin Phillips God's Ability in a World of Turmoil 29:41 Marvin Phillips God's Arithmetic In Marriage (part 1) 36:18 Noel Whitlock God's Arithmetic In Marriage (part 2) 32:43 Noel Whitlock God's Community 30:45 Foree Grove Golf Lessons 21:09 Rick Atchley Good Basic Soul Winning 48:40 Marvin Phillips Good News 26:14 Bob Russell Good Stewardship Brings Blessing Luke12v35-46 38:48 Noel Whitlock Gospel of Inclusion 35:29 Ronnie Norman Grace For A Broken-Hearted Sinner Jesus Full of Truth and Grace 26:29 Bob Russell Grace: More than a Doctrine to Confess 60:08 Rubel Shelley * Grace -- Supremacy of Grace 29:32 David Allen ** Grace -- Worth Fighting For 27:48 David Allen ** Grace -- Bad News Rising 26:59 David Allen * Grace -- The Grace Effect 31:44 David Allen Grace -- A Better Way 28:39 David Allen * Happy Thanks-Living 33:09 Noel Whitlock Have No Fear 35:54 Rick Atchley * He Lifted Me From The Ragged Edge 72:41 Joe Beam * Hear The Cry Of The Human Heart 51:37 Cheryl Frost * Heart of Worship 33:36 Ross Thompson * Hearing Aids 45:03 Rick Atchley * His Glory In Our Liberation 52:56 Robert Cox His Glory In Our Limitations 52:03 Paul Whitmire His Glory In Our Mission 53:55 Mike Cope His Ways Are Not Our Ways 46:24 Rick Atchley * Hole in the Roof Ideas 38:01 Jeff Walling *** Honesty 31:13 Dane Boyles Honor to Whom Honor Is Due 34:25 Rick Atchley Hope for the Blind 28:09 Bob Russell Hope for the Grieving 27:59 Bob Russell Hope for the Hungry 27:57 Bob Russell Hope-filled and Worry-free Living 33:56 Noel Whitlock How Big Is Your Vision? 33:04 Bob Chisholm * How Do We Get In Synch With This Culture? 27:43 Wade Hodges How Jesus Dealt with Hurting 46:55 Joe Beam How To Depend Like Jesus Depended 33:05 Richard Rogers How To Do Like Jesus Did 34:24 Richard Rogers How to Explain Why You Believe 53:51 Jeff Walling * How To Get Along With Difficult People Col3v12-17 36:52 Noel Whitlock How To Have a Tightly Knit Family 35:47 Noel Whitlock How to Honor your Mother 27:10 Bob Russell How to Reach Those Who Make Up Their Own Faith 42:10 Monte Cox * How To Revive A Discouraged Heart 30:27 Terry Rush Humility 45:57 Marvin Phillips * Humility Leads The Lonely 71:30 Stanley Shipp ** Hurting People Need Unconditional Love 46:35 Joe Almanza I Am Responsible For My Choices 28:05 Bob Russell I Are Church of Christ 44:08 Marvin Phillips I Once Was Lust, but Now... 37:17 Rick Atchley * I Thirst John19v28-29 42:01 Noel Whitlock I Want to Be in Your Desert 47:17 Don McLaughlin I Want to be Near Your Heart 45:23 Marvin Phillips I Will Hear From Heaven And Heal Their Land 34:43 Richard Rogers Imitation of Christ 45:00 Brian Mashburn * Inspired To Evangelize When The Holy Spirit Empowers The Church 26:03 Bob Russell Into All The World On Fire 42:40 Mike Cope Into Your Hands I commit My Spirit Lk23v44-46 31:56 Noel Whitlock Is Baptism a Work? 25:19 Noel Whitlock Is Baptism Important… or Essential? 33:56 Noel Whitlock Is Undenominational Christianity Possible 38:59 Noel Whitlock It Is Finished John19v30 36:11 Noel Whitlock It Takes Heart to be Free 21:43 Dane Boyles * It's Not About Me; It's Not About Now 47:57 Max Lucado ItsAllAboutTheMessage Acts9v32-42 68:58 Noel Whitlock Jesus Is So Sweet 56:36 Joe Almanza * Jesus the Bread of Life 31:57 Rick Atchley * Jesus Washes Feet (John 13) 33:29 Noel Whitlock *** John the Baptist The Day He Lost His Head Mk6v14-29 38:04 Noel Whitlock John the Baptist The Man Mission Message Mk1v1-8 36:57 Noel Whitlock JourneyToGenerosity 01 It's Not About The Money 37:11 Rick Atchley JourneyToGenerosity 02 Early Returns 49:03 Rick Atchley JourneyToGenerosity 03 GiveTil It Feels Good 37:52 Rick Atchley JourneyToGenerosity 04 Sermon on the Amount 44:08 Rick Atchley JourneyToGenerosity 05 MoneyTalks 42:15 Rick Atchley JR -- Early Washington Territory Church of Christ 43:54 Jerry Rushford ** JR -- Oregon 1 Tortuous Trail Church of Christ 43:06 Jerry Rushford ** JR -- Oregon 2 68,000 Miles On Horseback 46:37 Jerry Rushford ** Just Do It! 42:51 Rick Atchley Just Try Harder Heresy 40:34 Monte Cox * Keep The Big Picture 26:07 Bob Russell Keeping Possessions In Perspective Money Wise Series 27:45 Bob Russell King of Hope(Kings) 27:28 Bob Russell King of Kings(Hope) 27:55 Bob Russell Know Your Enemy 41:30 Rick Atchley Last Call 45:26 Rick Atchley Ladies' Retreat 2006 52:23 Maples, Schultz, and Martinez ** Lawyers and Lovers 32:26 Foree Grove LEAP YEAR Take a LEAP of Faith! 23:27 Rick Atchley ** Learn to Leave some Living for Later 38:51 Jack Reese Learning Division 45:49 Rick Atchley *** Lessons From The Past Mt1v1-17 41:21 Noel Whitlock Lessons I've Learned in Ministry 41:31 Bob Russell Let's Accept One Another 67:19 Jeff Walling Let's Be Fishingnaries 1 - Go Fish 49:15 Rick Atchley Let's Be Fishingnaries 2 - Casting Call 43:06 Rick Atchley Let's Be Fishingnaries 3 - Net Work 42:25 Rick Atchley Let's Get Out of the Judging Business 40:09 Marvin Phillips * Life Is An Enigma 29:38 Dane Boyles *** Life Is Hard but God Is Good 27:02 Bob Russell Life of Moses 01 -- The Great Oppression 42:34 Rick Atchley * Life of Moses 02 -- Three Women and a Baby 40:16 Rick Atchley * Life of Moses 22 -- Fire Alarms 41:10 Rick Atchley ** Life of Moses 30 -- How to Succeed 38:51 Rick Atchley * Life of Moses 32 -- As Faith Would Have It 44:22 Rick Atchley * Life of Samson 02 -- Falling Forward 49:22 Rick Atchley Lift Up Your Eyes To The Harvest 56:44 Jerry Jones Living By The Rules 42:09 Jim McGuiggan * Living in Relationship with God 33:18 Foree Grove *** Living on Purpose 01 -- All About God 41:21 Rick Atchley * Living Under The Influence -- Reigning Over My Anger 44:46 Ken Greene Living Under The Influence -- Reigning Over My Lust 41:14 Chris Hatchett Living Under The Influence 01 A Look in the Mirror 63:16 Buddy Bell Living Under The Influence 02 Living Under His Influence 46:06 Buddy Bell Living Under The Influence 03 Show Me Your Glory 38:26 Buddy Bell Looking For Life In All The Wrong Places 27:28 Bob Russell Lord and Ladies 11 -- Reckless Love 41:52 Rick Atchley ** Lord of the Rings 2 We Vow Down (Marriage) 35:25 Rick Atchley ** Lord, I Want To See 34:44 Jerry Taylor LoveLessons 03 Safe In The Arms Of Love 45:45 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 04 Love Like No Other 37:32 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 05 The Value Of Love 41:30 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 06 Love In The Ditch 42:29 Rick Atchley LoveLEssons 07 Loving On Empty 37:04 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 08 Courtesy Call 49:48 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 09 Love Hurts 40:11 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 10 Love Hates 42:59 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 11 It Keeps On Going 50:28 Rick Atchley LoveLessons 12 The Love Of Christmas 41:50 Rick Atchley Maintaining A Healthy Ambition 28:04 Bob Russell Maintaining Your Zeal John2v18-22 28:46 Noel Whitlock Making The Most Of What You Have Money Wise Series 27:18 Bob Russell Marching To Zion (1982) 45:41 Kip McKean Marriage for Life 28:48 Dane Boyles * Mary Marveled When Blessed 27:44 Bob Russell Mary Waited When Misunderstood 24:18 Bob Russell Meadowbrook: VISION 42:19 Buddy Bell Meadowbrook: PASSION 40:51 Buddy Bell Message of 1993 49:03 Stanley Shipp ** Message of 1998 26:00 Tony Ash * Message of 2003 32:19 Jim McGuiggan Message of the Cross -- Nazareth to Jerusalem 55:24 John Smith Ministry of Reconciliation 39:02 Marvin Phillips Miracle of Mercy Part 1 of 2 39:01 Terry Rush Miracle of Mercy Part 2 of 2 37:03 Terry Rush Mission Possible 1 -- Worship 26:26 Rick Atchley * Mission-Minded Maniacs 46:13 Marvin Phillips Missions Brand New World - part1 40:18 Monte Cox Missions Brand New World - part2 51:05 Monte Cox Moses -- Accepting the Challenge 55:47 Bob Russell Most Awful Thing About Hell Luke16v19-31 39:01 Noel Whitlock Most Churches Are Wrong On Divorce 43:54 Joe Beam Mountain-Moving Faith 1 - Shield of Faith 40:16 Joe Beam * Mountain-Moving Faith 2 - Mountain Moving Faith 35:35 Joe Beam * Mountain-Moving Faith 3 - Finding a Deeper Faith 40:29 Joe Beam * Moving Forward without Messing Up MonkeyOwlBearDeerAnimals 44:18 Jeff Walling Must a Woman Make a Choice 22:36 Pat Baker Must We Change To Grow---Strategies for Reach 48:41 Jeff Walling * Names of God Part 1 of 3 51:47 Rick Atchley * Names of God Part 2 of 3 52:48 Rick Atchley * Names of God Part 3 of 3 47:54 Rick Atchley * Neighbor 1 -- Being A NEIGHBOR 40:03 Brian Mashburn Neighbor 2 -- Being A Noticing Neighbor 32:27 Brian Mashburn Neighbor 3 -- Being A Compassionate Neighbor 35:18 Brian Mashburn Neighbor 4 -- Being A Going Neighbor 33:05 Brian Mashburn Neighbor 5 -- Being A Healing Neighbor 32:58 Brian Mashburn Neighbor 6 -- Being An Enduring Neighbor 35:22 Brian Mashburn Nic at Night 42:12 Noel Whitlock No Guts, No Glory 52:56 Joneal Kirby Not My Will 42:12 Jerry Taylor Nothing but Jesus Part 1 of 2 37:14 Marvin Phillips Nothing but Jesus Part 2 of 2 27:50 Marvin Phillips Now Is The Time 41:24 Marvin Phillips Numbers 7 28:24 Foree Grove Old Love for a New Millenium 44:28 Jeff Walling One Another: Accept 42:49 Randy Moody One Another: Greet 39:22 Randy Moody One Another: Love 47:26 Randy Moody One Another: Members of 40:19 Randy Moody One Minute After Death 26:13 Bob Russell Organized For Effectiveness When The Holy Spirit Empowers The Church 26:37 Bob Russell Ounce Of Faith Better Than Pound of Fear 40:15 Marvin Phillips Our Blessed Assurances 01 Charter Members 38:47 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 02 A Resolute Destitute 37:15 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 03 Good Grief 40:38 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 04 Mighty Meek 44:08 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 05 Satisfaction Guaranteed 38:10 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 06 Have Mercy 41:15 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 08 Give Peace A Chance 35:58 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 09 When the Right Are Wronged 40:12 Rick Atchley Our Blessed Assurances 10 A Beatitude With Attitude 39:24 Rick Atchley Overcoming Obstacles Moses, Making of a Leader Series 26:52 Bob Russell Overcoming The Fear Of Looking Foolish 49:26 Jeff Walling **** Pack Your Suitcase 31:57 Noel Whitlock Parables That Keep You Up At Night (1 of 3) 38:42 Randy Harris * Parables That Keep You Up At Night (2 of 3) 39:41 Randy Harris * Parables That Keep You Up At Night (3 of 3) 42:04 Randy Harris * Parenting -- Preventive Discipline 40:00 Paul Faulkner * Parenting -- Strategies 43:49 Paul Faulkner * People of Brook Besor 45:04 Max Lucado Pest Control Series -- Combatting Procrastination 27:15 Bob Russell Pest Control Series -- Controlling Criticism 26:34 Bob Russell Phillippians Bible Class 01 49:34 Chuck Swift Phillippians Bible Class 02 50:18 Chuck Swift Phillippians Bible Class 03 36:29 Chuck Swift Phillippians Bible Class 04 46:39 Chuck Swift Phillippians Bible Class 05 51:41 Chuck Swift Phillippians Bible Class 06 52:14 Chuck Swift Place Where The Hungry Are Fed Jesus the Head of the Church 25:25 Bob Russell ** Point Man -- How To Lead Your Family 40:56 Steve Farrar Post-Crucifixion Penomena Mt27v50-54 34:58 Noel Whitlock Postmodernism -- What are they saying? 48:20 Rubel Shelly * Postmodernism -- What are we saying? 44:02 Rubel Shelly * Postmodernism -- What if we said . . .? 47:15 Rubel Shelly * Power of the Holy Spirit 42:33 Joe Beam Power of the Sprit 39:27 Jeff Walling Pray for Reign Part 1 of 2 44:17 Rick Atchley Pray for Reign Part 2 of 2 34:06 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 01 KneeReplacement 66:13 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 02 It's All Relative 44:37 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 03 Out Of This World 41:56 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 04 First Name In Prayer 35:43 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 05 His Will Hunting 50:28 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 06 Food For Thought 47:07 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 07 Pray Your Debts 39:31 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 08 Pray Hurt 38:15 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 09 Pleading for Leading 32:53 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 10 Home Delivery 47:33 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 11 From Start to Finish 30:21 Rick Atchley PrayerForDummies 12 Walk The Talk 41:44 Rick Atchley Predictions and Denials Mark14v26-31v66-72 36:39 Noel Whitlock Presenting The Gospel According To A Gospel Part 1 48:10 Monte Cox * Presenting The Gospel According To A Gospel Part 2 46:10 Monte Cox * Presenting The Gospel According To A Gospel Part 3 45:55 Monte Cox * Pressure of Fatherhood (Families Under Pressure Series) 26:08 Bob Russell Pressure Of Releasing The Past (Families Under Pressure Series) 28:07 Bob Russell Prioritize Well 25:36 Bob Russell ProfilesInCourage 01 Watery Brave 34:52 Rick Atchley ProfilesInCourage 02 Courage Under Fire 35:34 Rick Atchley ProfilesInCourage 03 PrinceValiant 31:03 Rick Atchley ProfilesInCourage 04 Birth of Courage 36:02 Rick Atchley Protecting Your Body (Body and Soul Series) 26:35 Bob Russell Put New Energy Into The Church 43:43 Terry Rush Raising Godly Kids Without Acting Ungodly 42:56 Jeff Walling Reality of Christ 15:43 Brad Morrow Reason To Deepen Finding Your Way In A Whatever World 22:45 Bob Russell Reason To Hope Finding Your Way In A Whatever World 28:06 Bob Russell Reason to Lead and Follow Finding Your Way In A Whatever World 28:06 Bob Russell Reason To Live Finding Your Way In A Whatever World 27:54 Bob Russell Reason To Suffer Finding Your Way In A Whatever World 06:55 Bob Russell Reasons I Believe The Bible To Be True 27:59 Bob Russell Reasons to Believe in Jesus (ScienceHistory) 28:42 Ted Kell Reclaiming America's Values 28:02 Bob Russell Reclaiming Our Heritage 27:56 Bob Russell Reconciliation To Reckon With 60:08 Rick Atchley Recovery From Death Or Divorce Of A Spouse 42:53 Jerry Jones Reflections on the Atonement 42:17 Jim McGuiggan Religion of Jesus -- Tradition or Scripture? 24:23 Dane Boyles * Renewal -- Part1 What Jesus Wanted Every Believer To Know 47:04 Jeff Walling Renewed Perception 46:45 Don McLaughlin Restoration -- Anatomy of Restored Church Leadership 51:27 Steve Parker Restoration -- Evangelism or Church Growth 52:40 Steve Parker Restoration Movement or Conservation Movement 43:51 Steve Parker Restoration of the Restoration Movement (Part 1) 45:29 Steve Parker RestoringOurHeritage -- What Can We Do? 28:04 Bob Russell Resurrect our Mission 37:53 Marvin Phillips Reviving Tired Preaching; Stop Boring Sermons 43:53 Chris Smith RHCC A Both/And Church, 1 of 3 60:17 Rick Atchley (Click Here for Outline) RHCC A Both/And Church, 2 of 3 52:34 Rick Atchley (Click Here for Outline) RHCC A Both/And Church, 3 of 3 54:57 Rick Atchley (Click Here for Outline) Richman, Poorman 33:23 Dane Boyles Sacred Assemblies 2004 24:30 Foree Grove Samuel Answers Gods Call (The Making of a Spiritual Leader) 54:30 Bob Russell Scope of Inclusion 47:55 Ken Greene Seeing The Lost Through The Father's Eyes Luke15 42:38 Rick Atchley *** Seeing The Unseen -- Can Satan Hurt Us? 44:12 Joe Beam Seeing The Unseen Power of Satan's Angels 42:45 Joe Beam Seeking His Kingdom 43:50 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 01 - Wild Kingdom 45:58 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 02 - Forcasting Reign 43:10 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 03 - Whats the First Rule 44:38 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 04 - Fit For A King 28:53 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 05 -- Praying for Reign 38:11 Rick Atchley * Send Your Reign 06 - Kingdom Planting 48:11 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 07 - No Tares in Heaven 49:06 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 08 - Sizing Up The Kingdom 40:55 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 09 - Treasure Hunt 36:18 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 10 - Reign Gauges 42:20 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 11 - Generous to a Fault 37:08 Rick Atchley Send Your Reign 12 - Surprise Party 40:46 Rick Atchley Seven Things Husbands Wished Their Wives Knew (2010 Set of 5) 28:00 Trey Morgan Seven Things Wives Wished Their Husbands Knew (2010 Set of 5) 41:00 Trey Morgan Sex by the Book What GOD Wants You To Know 28:09 Bob Russell Sex by the Book What Playboy Wants You To Think 35:06 ? Kyleldleman Sex by the Book What your Spouse Wants You To Figure Out 24:50 Dave Stone Share God's Riches Generously 28:10 Bob Russell Shepherding -- How To Be A Sensitive Shepherd 31:18 Mike Armour * Shepherding By Harmonizing Tension 42:12 Mike Armour * Shepherding When There Is Resistance 44:39 Mike Armour * Should the Unsaved Share in the Lord's Supper? 46:39 John Harrison Signs Of Life 30:16 Rick Atchley Small Groups -- One Is A Lonely Number 31:09 Buddy Bell ** Small Groups -- Small Group Model That WORKS! 41:16 Buddy Bell ** Small Groups -- The Door To Evangelism 43:38 Billy Moore Soul Winning Ideas That Work 41:26 Marvin Phillips * Spirit and Truth 20040523a 37:34 Noel Whitlock Spiritual Leaders 30:13 Tim Curtis Spiritual Warfare 45:11 Joe Beam * SR -- Where Are The Tears? 47:00 Rubel Shelly * SR -- Why Christ Required Baptism 42:45 Rubel Shelly * SR -- Why People Resist Baptism 40:45 Rubel Shelly * Starving -- Do You Know Me? 49:46 Cynthia McClure ** Starving -- Don't Let It Happen to Your Family 40:24 Cynthia McClure ** Starving -- The Monster Within 44:41 Cynthia McClure ** State Of The Pulpit 15 - A Trip To Bountiful 43:01 Rick Atchley Staying Humble in a Haughty World Luke14v7-14 35:41 Noel Whitlock Strengthen The Church One Marriage At A Time 50:01 Joneal Kirby Strong Church Characteristics 1 2 3 41:02 Joe Beam * Strong Church Characteristics 4 5 6 38:18 Joe Beam * Studying Baptism Where We Have Been Right 32:02 David Allen Studying Baptism Where We Have Been Silent (1 of 2) 30:21 David Allen Studying Baptism Where We Have Been Silent (2 of 2) 24:37 David Allen Studying Baptism Where We Have Been Wrong (1 of 2) 32:03 David Allen Studying Baptism Where We Have Been Wrong (2 of 2) 30:06 David Allen Supporting Evidences 38:49 Noel Whitlock Take A Hike 34:38 Rick Atchley Take A Stand 35:55 Rick Atchley * Take This Cup Away From Me Anguish In The Garden Mk14v32-42 33:26 Noel Whitlock Tasks Of Life 26:18 Rick Atchley Teen Commitment -- David/Goliath 46:02 Joe Beam * Teens -- You Are Needed! 50:15 Jeff Walling Temptations Teenagers Face 26:15 Bob Russell Thank God It's Free Day 49:20 Rick Atchley That The World May Believe -- What? 48:31 Rick Atchley That The World May Believe -- Why? 64:06 Jeff Walling The AmazingPlace 01 FromHereToEternity 36:23 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 02 Heaven Help Us 32:31 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 03 No Place Like Home 37:11 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 04 Who is invited to the wedding 32:38 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 05 Future Shock 38:22 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 06 Heaven on earth 37:06 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 07 What is heaven missing 32:03 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 08 When We All Get To Heaven 33:06 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 09 For Heavens Sake 32:59 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 10 Imagine That 28:34 Rick Atchley The AmazingPlace 11 Rewards Ceremony 32:33 Rick Atchley The Best Youth Ministers in the World 36:36 Noel Whitlock The Bible and Jesus' Birth 25:02 Foree Grove The Birth of Be 47:40 Rick Atchley The Blessing on the Cake 42:14 Rick Atchley The Blessings of Good Stewardship 38:53 Noel Whitlock The Bystanders TransformedByTheCross 26:07 Bob Russell The Church: God's Instrument to Change the World 47:27 Tony Campolo ** The Church Is Not For Everybody 27:13 Bob Russell The Covenant of Marriage 37:19 Noel Whitlock The Dimensions of Stewardship 34:04 Noel Whitlock The DoubleLoveCommand 23:59 Foree Grove The Five Dimensions of The Lord's Supper 37:50 Noel Whitlock The GloryofJesus 28:05 Foree Grove The God Of Inclusion 40:03 Jim McGuiggan The GoldenRule Mt7v12 26:39 Noel Whitlock The Good Stuff 41:57 Marvin Phillips The Heart of the Dead 31:56 Foree Grove The Heart of the Giver Good Stewardship 34:55 Noel Whitlock The Heir Up There 44:18 Rick Atchley The Holy Spirit Is Our Source 40:28 Monte Cox * The LastCommandment 27:53 Foree Grove The Lord's Supper 03:47 Noel Whitlock The Man Who Missed His Cross 36:48 Noel Whitlock The Matter Of Children 35:23 Rick Atchley The Missional Church 28:31 Dane Boyles * The Most Awful Thing About Hell 38:29 Noel Whitlock The NewWay 27:15 Foree Grove The Perfect Story 67:46 Max Lucado The PresenceofGod 25:32 Foree Grove The Sacrifices of Christ 20:51 Rick Atchley The Seventh Sin The Lord Hates Part 1 of 2 44:30 Marvin Phillips * The Seventh Sin The Lord Hates Part 2 of 2 44:40 Marvin Phillips * The Spirit and the Church 27:06 Foree Grove The Story [teens] 39:08 Paul Partlow * The Story [A few recording quality problems :-( ] 13:49 Matt Hoadley The Story About Jesus 38:30 Noel Whitlock The Truth About Youth 40:40 Rick Atchley * The Zeal of Christ 35:20 Noel Whitlock Theology of Children 12:41 Rick Atchley * There Is One Appropriate Choice And That Is Life 26:21 Bob Russell They Smell Like Sheep (1 of 3) 32:33 Lynn Anderson * They Smell Like Sheep (2 of 3) 32:58 Lynn Anderson * They Smell Like Sheep (3 of 3) 32:30 Lynn Anderson * Thief Saved By The Cross 26:29 Bob Russell Thinking That Leads to Thanking 32:00 Noel Whitlock This Is How We Overcome 41:45 Rick Atchley * This Is My Body TheLastSupper 52:52 Noel Whitlock This Is Your Finest Hour 34:38 Pat Baker Three Moms to Remember 40:09 Noel Whitlock Thy Kingdom Come part1 40:42 Rick Atchley Thy Kingdom Come part2 48:34 Rick Atchley Til Then 47:14 Rick Atchley Today You Will Be With Me -- Passion Series 39:09 Noel Whitlock Transition from Control to Empowerment 52:20 Lynn Anderson * True Lies -- All Roads Lead to Heaven 42:20 Rick Atchley * True Lies -- I Have a Right to be Happy 38:09 Rick Atchley * True Lies -- Life Has No Meaning 47:42 Rick Atchley * True Lies -- Life Is Supposed to be Fair 38:35 Rick Atchley ** True Lies -- Marriage Shouldn't Be This Hard 37:06 Rick Atchley * True Lies -- You Only Live Once 43:05 Rick Atchley * Two Cities, Two Visions for the World 41:33 Jack Reese Tulsa 2006 folder Misc. Tulsa 2007 folder Misc. Tulsa 2008 folder Misc. Tulsa 2009 folder Misc. Tulsa 2010 folder Misc. Tulsa 2011 folder Misc. Twenty-Twenty Vision 65:33 Rick Atchley *** Understanding The Times 28:10 Bob Russell Unity In Evangelism 38:16 Marvin Phillips UnleashingTheChurch 49:52 Jay Utley *** Unseen Realities Part1 45:29 Latayne Scott Until It Is Your Faith, You Have Nothing To Share 44:14 Lucinda Crain * Vow Before the Lord 44:20 Rick Atchley Wait Of The World 58:53 Jeff Walling ** Wanted A Church With A Different Spirit 50:05 Marvin Phillips Watch That Television 47:55 Noel Whitlock We Are Born Again to Grow Again 40:14 Terry Rush We Can Believe In Jesus 2Cor15v3-16 38:50 Noel Whitlock We Need 300 Buses 31:36 Noel Whitlock Wealth From The Word 39:53 Noel Whitlock Weathering The Storm 36:56 Joy McMillon What Christian Churches Wish Church of Christians 42:30 Victor Knowles What Difference Does The Ressurrection Make TBD Noel Whitlock What Does The Bible Say About Baptism? 33:20 Noel Whitlock What is a Restoration Church? 41:39 John Smith *** What is The Age of Accountability? (part 1) 50:18 Noel Whitlock What is The Age of Accountability? (part 2) 53:00 Noel Whitlock What Kind of Seed Are You Sowing? 24:58 Dane Boyles What Matters Most? [Teens/Families] 20:37 Paul Partlow ** What Really Matters in Christianity 40:23 Maurice Hooks What Teens Need To Know About The Cross 40:54 Don McLaughlin What Your Spouse Wishes You Would Figure Out! 40:36 Dave Stone * When Leaders Lead 42:15 Reuel Lemmon When Life Falls Apart 26:18 Bob Russell When Life Tumbles In 43:39 Jerry Jones * When Marriage Breaks Down 26:23 Bob Russell When Pain Is Prolonged 26:18 Bob Russell When You Are in a Cave (2010 Set of 5) 30:00 Trey Morgan Where Broadway Meets Sunday Worship Priorities Part1 47:49 Jeff Walling * Where Did The Sinner's Prayer Come From? 41:16 Noel Whitlock Where There's a Way There's a Will 43:10 Rick Atchley Why Are We Still Here? 37:34 Marvin Phillips Why Did Jesus Choose Judas? 35:26 Noel Whitlock Why Did Jesus Come Back To Life? 24:45 Bob Russell Why Have You Forsaken Me? 26:13 Noel Whitlock Why More Is Less 38:07 Rick Atchley ** Why Restore Discipleship? 36:20 Brian Mashburn ** Winning Over Worry -- Pest Control Series 27:58 Bob Russell Woman, Behold Your Son 38:02 Noel Whitlock Wonderful Counselor 25:59 Foree Grove Written On Stone 59:01 Rubel Shelly You Need To Believe That People Want God 46:15 Joe Almanza You Shall Have No Others Gods Before Me 27:35 Foree Grove You Will Deny Me Three Times Mk14v26-31 36:30 Noel Whitlock Young Preacher Looks To The Future (1982) 49:49 Jeff Walling Youth Ministry Net 45:08 Robert Oglesby_Jr

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ashley Day 2 Samuel 12 Nathan Confronts David

Ashley Day 2 Samuel 12 Nathan Confronts David

Friday, July 15, 2011

Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight
Willow Creek Assocation - Missional Jesus; Scott M
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Willow Creek Assocation - Missional Jesus; Scott M
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Prof. Dr. Scott Mcknight - The Jesus Creed.mp3
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Scot McKnight Jesus_ Scott McKnight.mp3

Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight
Prof. Dr. Scott Mcknight - The Jesus Creed.mp3
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